At Venticello winemaking is a hands on process.


You cannot make fine wine without fine grapes.  B. Allen Geddes, Venticello's vineyard and winery consultant, supervises everything that goes on all year long.  He is assisted by Artimio Escamilla who performs the day to day chores in the vineyard.  Jeff Gubernick, an aspiring vineyard and winery consultant, contributes to the final result.

The vineyard is approximately one acre with approximately 400 plants.  It was first planted in 2003.  We grow Syrah and Grenache grapes. The Grenache grapes were planted in 2009.  Our first vintage was 2006.  We produced 17 cases of Syrah which we named "Maestro" and two cases of Syrah which we labeled as "Unreserved" because it was unfilterd, unfined and unoaked. Both have been well received. Unfortunately, much of the 2006 vintage was quickly consumed.  We are hoarding  the rest.

In 2007, we had a excellent harvest, producing 113 gallons of wine.   We produced 5 cases of Rose which we named "Melody."  Unfortunately, much of the 2007 Melody was quickly consumed.  We produced 3 cases and 7 bottles of Maestro--Reserve Barrel Select; 19 cases of Maestro; 5 cases of Maestro--Tri Barrel Blend and 12 cases of Maestro--Vinter's Private Reserve.  We are experimenting with different barrels and barrel time. We will release the 2007 sometime in 2009.

In 2008 we had an even better harvest, producing 190 gallons of wine. For the first time we cold soaked the must. We produced 13 cases of Rose.  The remaining wine is in barrels waiting bottling.

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